Chaos Mazes

Kid-friendly AR maze game with adorable characters

No ads!

No in-app purchases!

Add an augmented reality maze to your living room, the waiting room, or wherever you find yourself! Three different game modes at three difficulty levels allow you to learn at your own pace before challenging yourself with Chaos Mode.

How to Play (also available on the How to Play screen in the app)

  1. Choose your game mode

  2. Scan the ground or a flat surface around you

  3. Tap to place the maze

  4. Use the on-screen controller to guide your cute character to the goal indicated by the red portal

Unlock more adorable characters by completing achievements.

Game Modes:

  • Countdown – Complete as many mazes as you can within the total time.

  • Survival – Each maze you complete grants you more time.

  • Chaos – Blocks move. Daggers fall from the sky. Chaos reigns! Each maze you complete grants you more time.

Gameplay Video